NaturcupTamponSanitary napkin
No spare items are neededtabla_mariposa
Little room is taken uptabla_mariposa
Is not even noticedtabla_mariposatabla_tick
It can be worn for 12 htabla_mariposa
Any sports can be donetabla_mariposatabla_tick
It can be worn during the nighttabla_mariposatabla_tick
It is easy to be removed although it is fully filledtabla_mariposatabla_tick
You only need to have onetabla_mariposa
It can last up to 10 yearstabla_mariposa
Vaginal pH is not affectedtabla_mariposatabla_tick
It does not dry up your vaginatabla_mariposatabla_tick
It is not associated with TSStabla_mariposatabla_tick
It does not content any bleaching agentstabla_mariposa
Recommended for women having a delicate vaginal environmenttabla_mariposatabla_tick
No fibres remain in the vaginatabla_mariposatabla_tick
It is not associated with fungal or bacterial infectionstabla_mariposa
It does not generate any rubbishtabla_mariposa
It does not cause tree fellingtabla_mariposa
It is reusabletabla_mariposa
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