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Your peace of mind is the most important thing.

The Naturcup cup is guaranteed
of adaptation of 6 months.

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Your peace of mind is the most important thing.

With our menstrual cup you have a 6-month guarantee.

In case you need a size change or even want a money back. To make use of this guarantee, you must register the cup before its first use.

How does the Naturcup guarantee work?

Learning how to use a menstrual cup takes a little practice and patience.

So that you can try it and get used to it with complete peace of mind, at Naturcup we offer a 6-month guarantee.

These are the steps you have to follow in order to use the Naturcup guarantee:

1. You buy the Naturcup menstrual cup

In physical or online store and you register it by clicking on this image or on any of the registration links.

2. You wear the cup for 6 months

We accompany you by phone or via email to ask all the questions you need.

3. Didn't you just adapt?

Contact us at to evaluate your case and change your size or refund your money.

Important !

Keep your proof of purchase and the Naturcup identification card (TIN) that comes in the box, as they will be necessary to activate the guarantee.

What does the warranty cover?


Size change

The Naturcup guarantee covers a change of size, in case you have bought the recommended size and have resolved all your doubts during 6 menstrual cycles, you continue to have losses or you do not adapt completely.

Refund of the amount

If you bought the recommended cup size for you and we have accompanied you during 6 menstrual cycles solving all your doubts, we will refund your money as long as:
Size change cannot be applied.
You have consulted us all your doubts and followed our advice.

Cases in which the guarantee does not apply.

Warranty does not apply

if you have not registered the Naturcup menstrual cup before its first use.

The guarantee will not be valid

in those cases in which the user has not respected the suggested parameters to choose her size.

In case of not having

purchased in our online store, the amount will be returned by the store that has sold the product, after validation by Naturcup.


Do you still have doubts about how the Naturcup guarantee works?

Consult our frequently asked questions section in the "Naturcup Guarantee" section.


Do you still have doubts about how the Naturcup guarantee works?

Write to us at and we will be able to contact you within a maximum period of 48 hours.

Garantía Naturcup, porque tu tranquilidad es lo mas importante